Nodes – Wrap Tutorial

This video from the RH Nodal tutorial series for LightWave3D demonstrates the functions and use of the Wrap node.

Nodes – Wrap

Autor: RHLW


LightWave3D 11.6 New Feature: Compound Node

Here’s a look at LightWave 3D’s new Compound Node.

Compound Node

Autor: dwburman

Glowy Blobby Wobbly Edges Effect Tutorial

Glowy Blobby Wobbly Edges Effect

Autor: dwburman

Tornado redux Tutorial

Lightwave 3d tutorial that shows how to use nodal displacements to create tornado.

Tornado redux part 1

Tornado redux part 2

Tornado redux part 3

Autor:  bryphi77

Occlusion Quick and Dirty Render pass Tutorial

Short little tutorial on creating a Occlusion-renderpass without having to deal with per shader/surface setups. A global override, that is. 🙂

Occlusion Quick and Dirty

Autor: Mikael Burman