VPR Surfacing in LightWave Tutorial

Some people may not have known that you can very quickly pick surfaces when using VPR (Viewport Preview Render) by just Shift-Clicking them. This can be really useful for scenes that have a ton of different surfaces, especially if many of them have similar names.

VPR Surfacing

Autor:Phil Nolan


LightWave 11 VPR Overview

A brief overview of the different VPR features and settings.

VPR Overview

Autor: dwburman

LightWave 11.5 Feature – Negative Edge Values

Putting a negative number in the edge or line thickness in LightWave has been a way to create fake geometry for year, but it’s always been very limited because the line thickness would be the same no matter how close or how far away from the camera the object was. LightWave 11.5 changed that.

Negative Edge Values

Autor: dwburman


LightWave 3D v11 VPR materials selection

Surface select in LW11. Only hold down shift key and (LMB) the left mouse button to select surface. This open the surface editor in the selected material.

Autor: opminfografia