LightWave 3D – After Effects – Element 3D – LightWave 3D

Tips on how to seamlessly integrate LightWave 3D, After Effects and VideoCoPilot’s Element 3D.

Easily swop data between apps.
Add 3d objects to a LW render.
Setup matte objects without re-rendering matte passes in LW.
Transform AE objects to 3d objects in LW.

LW plugins: Save Transformed Sequence+

LightWave 3D – After Effects – Element 3D – LightWave 3D

Autor:Mark Warner


ZBrush to Lightwave 3D

Let’s see how to create UV Map ZBrush and get them in Lightwave 3D.

ZBrush to Lightwave 3D

Autor: Kemal Günel

Lightwave to Houdini and back Tutorial

Lightwave and Houdini tutorial that shows how to exchange geometry and mdds between them. Shows how to take LW model into Houdini, use its fracture and rbd tools to run simulation, and send back new file and mdd.

Lightwave to Houdini and back

Autor: bryphi77