Making a Forest Tutorial

Part 1: In this tutorial we will create a basic terrain using displacement maps. The displacement map is obtained by using a procedural texture that will be modified later in Photoshop.

Part 1: Creating the Terrain

Part 2: In this tutorial we will be creating 10K textures in Photoshop, that will be later applied to the terrain model we created in Part 1.

Part 2: 10K Textures in Photoshop

Part 3: In this tutorial we will create Bump, Specularity and Diffuse maps for the terrain right inside of Lightwave. We will also create and texture the water plane.

Part 3: Additional Textures

Part 4: In this tutorial we will create a basic sunlight setup using HDRI images. We will also create trees using the DP Verdure plugin.

Part 4: Lighting and Trees

Part 5: In this last tutorial we will be populating our terrain with some trees, using Lightwave’s native instancing tool.

Part 5: Instancing





Modeling Landscapes with Displacement Maps Tutorial

Beginner Lesson: Quick and Easy technique to model terrain with displacement mapping using Photoshop and Lightwave.

We will create the map, create the terrain, create a UV map, learn to tweak the displacement map to our liking.

Modeling Landscapes with Displacement Maps

Autor:Treetop Media

Build a Bugatti Veyron Tutorial

Find online blueprints and crop images from them using Photoshop. Store and use the images to use as backdrop images in Lightwave. After cropping images in Photoshop, the images need to be oriented properly to be usable in Lightwave modeler backdrops.

Bugatti images for lightwave Part 1

Bugatti images for lightwave Part 2

Bugatti Backdrop


Set up of a Spline cage for the Bugatti Veyron for Auto patching.

Bugatti Spline cage Part 1

Bugatti Spline cage Part 2

Bugatti Spline cage Part 3

Bugatti Rear Quarter Panel

Bugatti Front Quater Panel

Autor: Howard Smith

LightWave 11.5 – Creating ground fog using the new fog texture feature Tutorial

In this quick introduction to this feature, I use the texture editor to create a very fast-rendering ground fog pass. While there are already ground fog tools available, this approach not only renders super-fast, but offers an incredible amount of creative potential that goes beyond just simple effects such as this.

Creating ground fog using the new fog texture feature

Autor: kevman3d

Add geometry to building footage in LightWave 3D Tutorial

Eric Bacus shows how to seamlessly integrate a CG building extension with a photo or backdrop. (No audio)

Add geometry to building footage

Autor: 3dworld