Modeling Curtains tutorial

In this tutorial we will be modeling curtains using the classic Cloth FX simulation system form Lightwave.

Modeling Curtains



Speaker following an audiofile

In this tutorial I show how to animate a speaker so that it follows the waveform of an audio file. I use a wav file to control a endomorph. The technique can be used to animate other things eg. a robot that paints an audio file.

Speaker following an audiofile

Autor: Ben-Tommy Eriksen

Endomorphs Tutorial

This video goes over how to set up morph targets and how to use them in your animation.


Autor: ShadowWolfDesigns

TUTORIAL: Fracturing Geometry without the fracture plugin

This tutorial teaches how to fracture geometry in ANY version of Lightwave3D WITHOUT any special plugins.

Part 1 – Fracturing Geometry without the fracture plugin

Part 2 – Fracturing Geometry without the fracture plugin

Part 3 – Fracturing Geometry without the fracture plugin

Autor: SplineGod

TUTORIAL: Creating Endomorphs – The EASY Way…

How to create endomorphs in Lightwave3D the quick ‘n easy way using weightmaps!

Creating Endomorphs

Autor: SplineGod