Multiple dpm Tutorial

Similar setup to veg growth, but a bit different. It uses multiple dpm files controlled by a weight map.

Lightwave 3d tutorial that shows how to use dp instance and .dpm files.

Multi .dpm part 1

Multi .dpm part 2

Multi .dpm part 3

Multi .dpm part 4

Autor: bryphi77


Getting Started With DP_Instance – Tutorial

Here’s a little tutorial showing how to get started with Denis Pontonnier’s fabulous DP_Instance plugin for Lightwave 3D.

Getting Started With DP_Instance

Download plugin

Autor: Dana Burman

Baking and controlling dpm motion Tutorial

Lightwave 3d tutorial that show how to animate growing plants using dpinstance.

Baking and controlling dpm motion

Download Files

Autor: bryphi77

DP Instance + DP Boolean Tutorial

Tutorial using DP Boolean and DP Instance to do cool stuff.

DP Instance + DP Boolean

Autor: bryphi77

Lightwave domino Tutorial

Lightwave 3d tutorial that shows how to make procedural motion based domino animation.


Autor: bryphi77