LightWave 3D: Another Line Render Technique

Another Line Render Technique

The 20 Minute Power Tower video alluded to in this one is here: Tower

Autor: dwburman


Occlusion with ShaderMeister and DP Pixelfilter Tutorial

A brief tutorial on how to use ShaderMeister as well as DP Pixelfilter to deal with per surface overrides on a global level.

Occlusion with ShaderMeister and DP Pixelfilter

Autor: Mikael Burman

Occlusion Quick and Dirty Render pass Tutorial

Short little tutorial on creating a Occlusion-renderpass without having to deal with per shader/surface setups. A global override, that is. 🙂

Occlusion Quick and Dirty

Autor: Mikael Burman

Lightwave render passes + Blender Compositing Tutorial

In this tutorial, I explain how to create render passes in Lightwave using a plugin called “Passport”, then in the second half I detail how we can use Blender’s node editor to do compositing work on those renders.

Lightwave render passes + Blender Compositing

Download plugin

Autor: tndStudios

Quickstart Guide to Antialiasing in LightWave 11 Tutorial

LightWave 11 includes some major changes to antialiasing and quality settings. This video is designed to get you up to speed quickly with a brief comparison with LW9.6 and a quick overview of the settings in LW11.

Antialiasing in LightWave 11

Autor: dwburman