Glowy Blobby Wobbly Edges Effect Tutorial

Glowy Blobby Wobbly Edges Effect

Autor: dwburman


Wire Ball Tutorial

A quick wire ball created in Lightwave 11.5 Using weight maps to control the bending so you don’t get intersections.

Wire Ball

Autor: XswampyX

Sharp to round edges Tutorial

This is just a quick tutorial showing how to make a column that has sharp corners that smoothly blend into a round curve.

Sharp to round edges

Autor: philnolan3d

Chesterfield pattern in lightwave Tutorial

In this tutorial i will show you a way how you could model the famous chesterfield pattern upholstery in lightwave. I might add that if you want the slightly iregular pattern of it you can scale it a bit in the y axis and then streatch back the holes so they stay round and by doing that get the nice shape your looking for.

Chesterfield pattern Part 1

Chesterfield pattern Part 2

Autor: mistube

LightWave 11.5 Feature – Negative Edge Values

Putting a negative number in the edge or line thickness in LightWave has been a way to create fake geometry for year, but it’s always been very limited because the line thickness would be the same no matter how close or how far away from the camera the object was. LightWave 11.5 changed that.

Negative Edge Values

Autor: dwburman