Stereo 3D from LightWave to YouTube Tutorial

This video hows how to get the output of a stereoscopic render from LightWave onto YouTube. I quickly show how to set up a comp in After Effects as well as how to combine the two image sequences into a movie file using only LightWave.

Stereo 3D

Autor: dwburman


LightWave 3D to Print – setting up the camera Tutorial

This video shows how to use LW11’s Print Camera to set up your camera for a print resolution render. It also shows how to change the DPI/PPI to 300 in PhotoShop.

LightWave 3D to Print

Autor: dwburman

Automatically Switch Cameras with Camera Selector or Cameraselector Tutorial

I ran into a bit of trouble with the Camera Selector plugin that comes with LightWave, so I figured I would share what I learned.
Comment from  Matt Gorner from the LightWave dev team: “The LScript version (Camera Selector) works under Screamernet, while the .p version (CameraSelector) does not.
Ultimately one of these will go, no need for two versions.”

Switch Cameras

Autor: dwburman

Simple and Extensible Camera Rig Tutorial

How to create a camera rig in Lightwave 3d that allows you to easily follow an object without having to micromanage angles and curves when repositioning the camera. Note that you don’t really need the bone in the rig for this simple example, but bones are useful for extending the functionality of the rig with IK chains for fancy effects.

Simple and Extensible Camera Rig

Autor: imjinc2k

Fake Orthographic Camera Tutorial

This Full HD video is showing how to create fake orthographic camera in LightWave using standard perspective camera, if for some reason built-in orthographic camera is undesired or not working correctly. You need to appropriately increase distance to observed object in the all axis and Zoom Factor.

Fake Orthographic Camera

Autor: TrueArtSoftware