Making a Forest Tutorial

Part 1: In this tutorial we will create a basic terrain using displacement maps. The displacement map is obtained by using a procedural texture that will be modified later in Photoshop.

Part 1: Creating the Terrain

Part 2: In this tutorial we will be creating 10K textures in Photoshop, that will be later applied to the terrain model we created in Part 1.

Part 2: 10K Textures in Photoshop

Part 3: In this tutorial we will create Bump, Specularity and Diffuse maps for the terrain right inside of Lightwave. We will also create and texture the water plane.

Part 3: Additional Textures

Part 4: In this tutorial we will create a basic sunlight setup using HDRI images. We will also create trees using the DP Verdure plugin.

Part 4: Lighting and Trees

Part 5: In this last tutorial we will be populating our terrain with some trees, using Lightwave’s native instancing tool.

Part 5: Instancing





“8-bit” Effect Tutorial

In this tutorial we will see how to give to our animation an “8-bit” look using instances.


For this effect you also need additional nodes for Lightwave by Denis Pontonnier. You can download DP Kit here

Autor: Fabio Annunziata


LightWave 11.6 – Spline Instancing

Jennifer Hachigian explores the new Spline Instancing mode in LightWave 11.6 instancing, as well demonstrating the Curve to Spline tool.

LightWave 11.6 – Spline Instancing

Autor: OfficialLightWave3D

SIGGRAPH 2013 – Kelly Myers, Instancing Tutorial

Kelly Myers, from Liberty3D, shows a strategy used for instancing on the film, “Iron Sky”.


HierClone plugin

Autor: OfficialLightWave3D

Instance Generator Exercise – Lightwave 3D 11.5

Lightwave 3D 11.5

Filling a room with shelves full of Gold bars using only three objects, two nulls and an instance generator.

Instance Generator Exercise

Autor: Fred Slocombe