Texturing game assets in Lightwave 3d Tutorial

Using copy/paste UV tools this video shows how you can quickly uv map and texture a game asset with a low resolution texture map.

Texturing game assets

Using PLG TOOLS: Download

Autor:Simon Smalley


ZBrush to Lightwave 3D

Let’s see how to create UV Map ZBrush and get them in Lightwave 3D.

ZBrush to Lightwave 3D

Autor: Kemal Günel

Fast Rigging Tutorial

A quick tutorial on how to make a fast usable rig in Lightwave 3D, using the brand new Genoma system.

Fast Rigging


Lightwave plugin PX UV Creeper explained

This tutorial will demonstrate how to use the 3rd party plug-in PX UV Creeper for Lightwave. The plug-in comes in 32 and 64 bit.

PX UV Creeper

Download plugin

Autor: DJ Waterman

Lightwave plugin – Load Bones in modeler as Skelegons

Load Bones

Download plugin

Autor: erikalst