LightWave 2015 Bullet Dynamics Content and Set Up

Two videos from Lino Grandi looking at some of the scenes available in the LightWave 2015 content pack and showing you how to use this enhanced feature.

Bullet Dynamics Content and Set Up

Autor:LightWave 3D Group


Lightwave 3D Tutorial – Particles and HyperVoxels

This tutorial covers how to put a particle emitter into your scene. Then how to give those particles a hypervoxel texture.

Particles and HyperVoxels

Autor:Trustinlies channel

Rain Animation Tutorial

In this video you will see how I created the RAIN ANIMATION video using Lightwave 3D’s particle system and hypervoxels plus an insight on how to create water ripples in the surface editor.

Rain Animation


LightWave 11.6 – Revealing Your Logo With Bullet Dynamics

Revealing your logo with Bullet Dynamics and Chronosculpt.

Revealing Your Logo With Bullet Dynamics

Autor: OfficialLightWave3D


Tornado redux Tutorial

Lightwave 3d tutorial that shows how to use nodal displacements to create tornado.

Tornado redux part 1

Tornado redux part 2

Tornado redux part 3

Autor:  bryphi77