Lightwave 3D Tutorial – Particles and HyperVoxels

This tutorial covers how to put a particle emitter into your scene. Then how to give those particles a hypervoxel texture.

Particles and HyperVoxels

Autor:Trustinlies channel


Animating Spaceship in LightWave 3D Tutorial

Animating Spaceship part 1

Animating Spaceship part 2

Autor:Kemal Günel

Rain Animation Tutorial

In this video you will see how I created the RAIN ANIMATION video using Lightwave 3D’s particle system and hypervoxels plus an insight on how to create water ripples in the surface editor.

Rain Animation


Model, Texture, and Animate a Fountain tutorial

Learn how to model, texture , and animate a fountain using a combination of solid geometry and a particle system.

(note: invert the droplet weight map… I accidentally weighted the droplet area 0% and the outside and inside waves as 100%.)

The opening video of the final render is on a three second loop so the final result looks way better than the preview.

Adjust the speed of the waves two ways:
1.) alter the “wave speed” of the ripple texture
2.) alter the Y channel’s distance per second of the turbulence and/or fractal noise (or the crumple “bump map”).

Model, Texture, and Animate a Fountain

Autor:Treetop Media

Particles Changing Type Tutorial

Getting the three types of particles to change from one into the next. This does not involve any collisions, but is based entirely the timeframe of the particles. I suppose you could chain any number of emitters together by parenting them and have the appearance change. LW 11.5.

Particles changing type

Autor: Fred Slocombe