Animating Spaceship in LightWave 3D Tutorial

Animating Spaceship part 1

Animating Spaceship part 2

Autor:Kemal Günel


Image sequence for pfx birth rate Tutorial

Lightwave tutorial that deals with using an image sequence as pfx birth rate.

Image sequence for pfx birth rate

Autor: bryphi77

Fireworks – Particle Emitter Setup Tutorial

This video shows how to set up the particle emitters in LightWave to act like fireworks. This was made in LightWave 11, but the techniques should be valid all the way back to LightWave 8 if not LightWave 7.

Fireworks – Particle Emitter Setup

Autor: dwburman

Candle Flame Tutorial

Tutorial using hypervoxels with a particle emitter to simulate a candle flame in Lightwave 3D.

Candle Flame

Autor: Jeremy Mallin

Running Water Tutorial

How to make running water in LightWave.

Running Water

Autor: Ben-Tommy Eriksen