LightWave 3D: A Quick Look at VertexPaint

Quick Look at VertexPaint

Autor: dwburman


Star Nebula Tutorial

Lightwave 11.5 Simple sprayed point nebula. A very crude version.
*If you still see your points along with the sprites, you might need to go back and adjust the original object texture’s Diffusion and Luminosity to zero.
The sample was rendered with anti-aliasing set at 1/1 and no Radiosity.

Star Nebula

Autor: Fred Slocombe

How create a house in Lightwave 3D Tutorial (No sound)

Quick and easy way to create a house in Lightwave 3d.

Create a house Part 1

Create a house Part 2

Autor: opminfografia

Sharp to round edges Tutorial

This is just a quick tutorial showing how to make a column that has sharp corners that smoothly blend into a round curve.

Sharp to round edges

Autor: philnolan3d