Object Trail Tutorial

Using Spline Control and Instances to reveal a static path of objects – could be handy for those travel documentaries! No audio.

All this can be done natively in LW but I’ve used a couple of very useful plugins to speed up the process.

They can be downloaded here and here . (Commercial)


Object Trail

Autor:Mark Warner


Flocking Pajaros (Birds). Tutorial

In this tutorial I show a basic modeling exercise, heavy rigging, animation and flocking of a flock of birds.

En este tutorial muestro un ejercicio básico de modelado, pesado, rigging, animación y flocking de una bandada de pájaros.

Flocking Pajaros

No sound

Autor:Ricardo Urbano

Model, Texture, and Animate a Fountain tutorial

Learn how to model, texture , and animate a fountain using a combination of solid geometry and a particle system.

(note: invert the droplet weight map… I accidentally weighted the droplet area 0% and the outside and inside waves as 100%.)

The opening video of the final render is on a three second loop so the final result looks way better than the preview.

Adjust the speed of the waves two ways:
1.) alter the “wave speed” of the ripple texture
2.) alter the Y channel’s distance per second of the turbulence and/or fractal noise (or the crumple “bump map”).

Model, Texture, and Animate a Fountain

Autor:Treetop Media

Motion graphics with DPkit Tutorial

Lightwave 3d tutorial that uses dpkit to do motion graphics.

Motion graphics with DPkit part1

Motion graphics with DPkit part2

Motion graphics with DPkit part3

Motion graphics with DPkit part4

Motion graphics with DPkit part5

Motion graphics with DPkit part6

Motion graphics with DPkit part7

UPDATE YOUR DPKIT to prevent errors in LW.

Download file (Right mouse button and save as)

Autor: bryphi77

Lightwave render passes + Blender Compositing Tutorial

In this tutorial, I explain how to create render passes in Lightwave using a plugin called “Passport”, then in the second half I detail how we can use Blender’s node editor to do compositing work on those renders.

Lightwave render passes + Blender Compositing

Download plugin

Autor: tndStudios