LightWave tutorial: Automatically rotating wheels with Dr Wheel Rotator

This shows how to make wheels automatically rotate when a car moves forwards or backwards. This doesn’t cover steering.

Rotating wheels with Dr Wheel Rotator

Autor: dwburman


Wheels turn automatically while moving car Tutorial

This is a quick tutorial on getting Lightwave3D to spin the wheels of car when it’s moving and adjust the rotation to the speed. Neat thing is that Lightwave3D does all the work.

Having wheels turn automatically while moving car

Autor: chco2006

Chopper Blades Motionblur Tutorial

In this tutorial i will show you my theory on setting up a close to correct speed of helicopter rotors and adding motion blur to them to get a nice spinning look.

Chopper Blades Motionblur

Autor: mistube

Animate a Helicopter Rotor Tutorial

This basic tutorial looks at the various ways to animate a helicopter’s rotor blade in Lightwave (version 10).

Animate a Helicopter Rotor

Autor: bugzilla2001

TUTORIAL:Simple muscle bone/joint compensation

Simple technique in Lightwave3D for using extra bones to do simple muscle bone or joint compensation effects. This also demonstrates the effect of offsetting the parent bones tip from the child to help hold certain areas such as the elbow. Its an older video but still relevant today.

Simple muscle bone/joint compensation

Autor: SplineGod