Cutaways in LightWave with No Plugins Tutorial

Here’s a technique for doing cutaways using a fake animated boolean operation in LightWave. It won’t work in all circumstances and you’ll have to use nodes for your texturing.

Faking Animated Booleans

Autor: dwburman


Planetary Gradients Tutorial

This is video shows a bit of my experimenting process when trying to figure out how to do something in LightWave’s node editor. Because of that, it’s a little longer and doesn’t necessarily have the pay-off of a completed project at the end. Still, you may find it helpful to watch another artist’s problem solving techniques, and you may be interested in some of the discoveries made in the process.

Planetary Gradients Part 1

Planetary Gradients Part 2

Download scene

Autor: dwburman

Procedural Fire Texture Tutorial

I was working on making an electrical arcing/sparking texture effect last week and came up with something that might work as a boiling fire effect.

Procedural Fire Texture

Autor: dwburman

Making Photoshop Style Gradients Tutorial

Gradients are super simple to work with and comprehend in Photoshop, but in Lightwave they aren’t as straightforward. In this video I show how to make Photoshop-style gradients using the gradient layer in Lightwave (with a little help from a Null and a Weight Map).  While LW’s gradients might not work quite the way you’d expect them to if you’re coming from PS, they are much MUCH more powerful.

Making Photoshop Style Gradients

Autor: Dana Burman

Surface Earth Day And Night Tutorial

Lightwave 3D 11.5: Using the light Incidence Angle to control surfaces. Featuring Planet Earth showing the day and night side.

Earth Day And Night

Autor: Fred Slocombe