Lightwave plugin – Load Bones in modeler as Skelegons

Load Bones

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Autor: erikalst


Lightwave 3D 11.6. Spline Control Tutorial

A look at spline control on an object with bones.

Spline Control

Autor: Fred Slocombe


Another Inverse Kinematics Tutorial

Using Skelegons to create a series of bones to bend an object, then add a controller. There’s a trick with selecting correct properties window for objects you want to control with bones that had me confused for a while.

Inverse Kinematics

Autor: Fred Slocombe


One Bone Two Boxes Tutorial

Lightwave 11.6 but only the very very very basic use of just one bone as a hinge on a simple box object. Creating one Skelegon and then adding a bone in Layout.

One bone two boxes

Autor: Fred Slocombe

Lightwave 3D Ghost Tutorial

Part 1 of my ghost tutorial in Lightwave 3D. In this part we cover the modeling. Part 2 will be rigging and part 3 will be surfacing.

Ghost Tutorial 1 : Modeling

Ghost Tutorial 2 : Rigging

Ghost Tutorial 3 : Surfacing

Autor: Greg Sullivan