Baking highpoly details in LightWave Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to bake highpoly objects in LightWave and get all the details as textures to use in a Unity shader. This process will bake the surface colour, specularity, self-illumination, normal map and heightmap (parallax map when combined).

Baking highpoly details

Autor:Petter Sundnes



Texturing game assets in Lightwave 3d Tutorial

Using copy/paste UV tools this video shows how you can quickly uv map and texture a game asset with a low resolution texture map.

Texturing game assets

Using PLG TOOLS: Download

Autor:Simon Smalley

Lightwave 3D Tutorial – Loading Textures

This tutorial covers how to load pictures into Lightwave as textures and some of the properties involved.

Loading Textures

Autor:Trustinlies channel

Node Editors, a quick look

Just a quick look at the surface node editor in Lightwave3D. Mainly answering the question of when or why to use it.

Node Editors, a quick look

Autor:Brent Alleyne

Planet and Stars Tutorial

My basic tut for generating stars and planets in lightwave ..enjoy! Note: No audio on the time lapse vids so crank your own tunes.

Planet and Stars

Autor:Brent Alleyne