LightWave 3D: A Quick Look at VertexPaint

Quick Look at VertexPaint

Autor: dwburman


Separating Edges in combined UV Maps Tutorial

This tutorial shows you a technique for dealing with shared edges on UV maps and how to keep them separated. This is useful when you have many different UV maps on the same piece of geometry and you want to combine all the UV maps into one single UV map.

Separating Edges in combined UV Maps

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Autor: DJ Waterman

Lightwave Knife and Bandsaw Tools Tutorial

This tutorial covers the use of the knife and band saw tools, as well as loop select.

Knife and Bandsaw

Autor: John Hopkins

Heat Shrink tutorial

Testing the new heat shrink tool in Lightwave 11.5 ‘s modeler. Works quite well if you have the right geometry in you background layer. 😀

Heat Shrink

Autor: XswampyX

Making a Honeycomb Grid with Instancing in LightWave3D 11.5 Tutorial

How to make a complex grid with real geometry and instancing in less than 15 minutes.

Making a Honeycomb Grid

Autor: dwburman