Moving Light Source With LightWave 3D

Let’s see how to prepare a moving light source with LightWave 11.6

Moving Light Source

Autor:Kemal Günel


Lightwave Lighting Basics Tutorial

Lighting basics and rendering.

Lighting Basics part 1

Lighting Basics part 2

Autor:Brent Alleyne

LightWave 3D: Another Line Render Technique

Another Line Render Technique

The 20 Minute Power Tower video alluded to in this one is here: Tower

Autor: dwburman

Linear Light Chain With Powergons Tutorial

This shows how to make a chain of linear lights using LightWave’s powergons.

Linear Light Chain With Powergons

Autor: dwburman

Luxigons – Adding Lights by Specific Polygons Tutorial

This tutorial show how to use Lightwave’s “luxigons” feature to quickly create and place lights.

Luxigons – Adding Lights by Specific Polygons

Autor: dwburman