Another Inverse Kinematics Tutorial

Using Skelegons to create a series of bones to bend an object, then add a controller. There’s a trick with selecting correct properties window for objects you want to control with bones that had me confused for a while.

Inverse Kinematics

Autor: Fred Slocombe



TUTORIAL:Simple muscle bone/joint compensation

Simple technique in Lightwave3D for using extra bones to do simple muscle bone or joint compensation effects. This also demonstrates the effect of offsetting the parent bones tip from the child to help hold certain areas such as the elbow. Its an older video but still relevant today.

Simple muscle bone/joint compensation

Autor: SplineGod

Creating a walk cycle with IKBoost Tutorial

This demonstrates how to create a simple walk cycle and making the character walk forward on its own using IKBoost which is part of Lightwave 3D.

Creating a walk cycle with IKBoost

Autor: SplineGod

Using IKB and Motion Mixer Tutorial

In this quickish tutorial I show how you can use IK booster and Motion Mixer and IK together to make a character who has a walking on the spot cycle go to walking along.

IKB and Motion Mixer

Autor: dodgyb2001

Lightwave Engine Piston Animation setup Tutorial

This tutorial will show how you can setup Engine pistions for animation in lightwave 3D.

Engine Piston Animation setup

Autor: mistube