Motion Capture in Lightwave 3D Tutorial

Demonstration and tutorial about how works motion capture in lightwave 3D with BVH files and IK_BOOSTER.

Motion Capture

Mocap file and model(Daz) for test



Robot ik boost tool, pick and parenter Tutorial

You will learn how to set up an IK for industial robotic arm and how to pickup and drop things.

Robot ik boost tool, pick and parenter

Autor: Ben-Tommy Eriksen

Creating a walk cycle with IKBoost Tutorial

This demonstrates how to create a simple walk cycle and making the character walk forward on its own using IKBoost which is part of Lightwave 3D.

Creating a walk cycle with IKBoost

Autor: SplineGod

Using IKB and Motion Mixer Tutorial

In this quickish tutorial I show how you can use IK booster and Motion Mixer and IK together to make a character who has a walking on the spot cycle go to walking along.

IKB and Motion Mixer

Autor: dodgyb2001

Introduction to Joint Bones Tutorial

Introduction to Joint Bones.

Introduction to joint bones

Autor: carm3d