Texturing game assets in Lightwave 3d Tutorial

Using copy/paste UV tools this video shows how you can quickly uv map and texture a game asset with a low resolution texture map.

Texturing game assets

Using PLG TOOLS: Download

Autor:Simon Smalley


Occlusion Quick and Dirty Render pass Tutorial

Short little tutorial on creating a Occlusion-renderpass without having to deal with per shader/surface setups. A global override, that is. 🙂

Occlusion Quick and Dirty

Autor: Mikael Burman

Occlusion shaders Tutorial

Introduction to the occlusion shaders in the node editor.

Occlusion shaders by William Vaughan

Autor: lightwavevideos

Ambient Occlusion Tutorial

William Vaughan shows us how to use ambient occlusion to really improve our artwork.

Ambient Occlusion

Autor: NewTekInc