Occlusion with ShaderMeister and DP Pixelfilter Tutorial

A brief tutorial on how to use ShaderMeister as well as DP Pixelfilter to deal with per surface overrides on a global level.

Occlusion with ShaderMeister and DP Pixelfilter

Autor: Mikael Burman


Lightwave 3D Ghost Tutorial

Part 1 of my ghost tutorial in Lightwave 3D. In this part we cover the modeling. Part 2 will be rigging and part 3 will be surfacing.

Ghost Tutorial 1 : Modeling

Ghost Tutorial 2 : Rigging

Ghost Tutorial 3 : Surfacing

Autor: Greg Sullivan

Lightwave Cartoon / Cell Shading Tutorial

Lightwave cartoon / Cell shading video tutorial.

Lightwave Cartoon / Cel Shading

Autor: mistube

Multiple textures for the Bump channel

Creating a surface that uses multiple textures for the Bump Channel in the Node Editor.

Multiple textures for the Bump channel by William Vaughan

Autor: lightwavevideos

Distance to Object Tutorial

How do I setup Distance to object in the Node Editor.

Distance to Object by William Vaughan

Autor: lightwavevideos