LightWave 3D – After Effects – Element 3D – LightWave 3D

Tips on how to seamlessly integrate LightWave 3D, After Effects and VideoCoPilot’s Element 3D.

Easily swop data between apps.
Add 3d objects to a LW render.
Setup matte objects without re-rendering matte passes in LW.
Transform AE objects to 3d objects in LW.

LW plugins: Save Transformed Sequence+

LightWave 3D – After Effects – Element 3D – LightWave 3D

Autor:Mark Warner


Compositing in LightWave – Lenseffects Tutorial

Compositing directly within LightWaves renderengine, focusing on Lenseffects (lightstreaks, Lens-reflections and Chromatic Aberration.


DPFilters by Pontonnier

Autor: Mikael Burman

LightWave 11.6 – DPX Support Tutorial

In this tutorial, Jennifer Hachigian shows artists working the visual effects industry the new support for DPX files in LightWave 11.6.

DPX Support

Autor: OfficialLightWave3D

LightWave3D Trail Trick

Another video showing how to do something in LightWave that might be better to do in post.

Trail Trick

Autor: dwburman

Additional Tricks with DP Filters Tutorial

What the title says… Adaptive Sampling vs Bruteforce AA and a trick to make something to work with Adaptive Sampling even if it isn’t supposed to… 😉

Additional Tricks with DP Filters

Autor: Mikael Burman