Tool Tip: The Inertia Deformer in LightWave

This is a look at the old tool that makes some deformations that look like simple soft body dynamics. This effect is achieved not by a dynamics simulation, but rather by progressively delaying the movement of points/vertices based on their position or by a weight map. There are some serious limitations, but it works in real time and can still be useful.

Inertia Deformer

Autor: dwburman


TUTORIAL: Fracturing Geometry without the fracture plugin

This tutorial teaches how to fracture geometry in ANY version of Lightwave3D WITHOUT any special plugins.

Part 1 – Fracturing Geometry without the fracture plugin

Part 2 – Fracturing Geometry without the fracture plugin

Part 3 – Fracturing Geometry without the fracture plugin

Autor: SplineGod

TUTORIAL:Muscle flexing and Joint compensation using corrective endomorph.

This demonstrates some very interesting things using Lightwave3D. First how to quickly create an mdd file and then use editfx to fix bad deformations. Next is shown how to create and endomorph in Layout from this technique. Next, Cycler is used to tie the new endomorph to the rotation of a bone to create a corrective morph that activates whenever the bone is rotated. An older video thats still relevant today.

Muscle flexing and Joint compensation using corrective endomorph.

Autor: SplineGod

Creating Metablob animation with morphs tutorial

In this tutorial I look at point cloud morphing, hypervoxels and a little of the blend scale option found in LW11 for creating a nice viscous effect (though the tutorial will work in older versions of LW, just without the small snippet on the end about blend scale).

Creating Metablob animation with morphs

Autor: kevman3d

Roller Coaster Tutorial

Lightwave 3d tutorial that shows how to make roller coaster using nodes.

Roller Coaster part 1

Roller Coaster part 2

Roller Coaster part 3

Roller Coaster part 4

Roller Coaster part 5

Autor: bryphi77