LightWave tutorial: Automatically rotating wheels with Dr Wheel Rotator

This shows how to make wheels automatically rotate when a car moves forwards or backwards. This doesn’t cover steering.

Rotating wheels with Dr Wheel Rotator

Autor: dwburman


Chopper Blades Motionblur Tutorial

In this tutorial i will show you my theory on setting up a close to correct speed of helicopter rotors and adding motion blur to them to get a nice spinning look.

Chopper Blades Motionblur

Autor: mistube

TUTORIAL: Building Gears and animating them with Expressions

This tutorial shows how to model gears and then animate them properly using expressions in Lightwave3D.

Building Gears and animating them with Expressions

Autor: SplineGod

TUTORIAL: Rigging an Arm in Lightwave3D

This tutorial shows how to add bones to a model, create weight maps, fix the elbow with a bone and an expression, creating weight maps, assigning bones to weight maps and more….

Rigging an Arm

Autor: SplineGod

Rigging automated engine thrusters using Relativity Tutorial

I run through an introduction to using Relativity to automate the rotation of an engine thruster on a spaceship that reacts to the movement of the ship itself. Relativity is a third party expressions engine that has shipped with LightWave since version 9.0 – It has a powerful tool set and can produce complex solutions that are very difficult (or impossible) to create using the internal expression system.

Rigging automated engine thrusters

Autor: kevman3d