Object Trail Tutorial

Using Spline Control and Instances to reveal a static path of objects – could be handy for those travel documentaries! No audio.

All this can be done natively in LW but I’ve used a couple of very useful plugins to speed up the process.

They can be downloaded here and here . (Commercial)


Object Trail

Autor:Mark Warner


Making an Asteroid field Tutorial

Making an Asteroid field

Autor: David Agüero

LightWave 3D: A Quick Look at VertexPaint

Quick Look at VertexPaint

Autor: dwburman

Lightwave copy and paste UV maps Tutorial

This tutorial describes how to copy a UV map from one object and paste it onto another object that shares the same point order and geometry, ie – copied geometry. This is part 1. Part 2 talks about how this technique can go wrong.

Copy and paste UV maps part 1

Copy and paste UV maps part 2

Autor: DJ Waterman

Lightwave Knife and Bandsaw Tools Tutorial

This tutorial covers the use of the knife and band saw tools, as well as loop select.

Knife and Bandsaw

Autor: John Hopkins