Baking highpoly details in LightWave Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to bake highpoly objects in LightWave and get all the details as textures to use in a Unity shader. This process will bake the surface colour, specularity, self-illumination, normal map and heightmap (parallax map when combined).

Baking highpoly details

Autor:Petter Sundnes



Compositing in LightWave – Lenseffects Tutorial

Compositing directly within LightWaves renderengine, focusing on Lenseffects (lightstreaks, Lens-reflections and Chromatic Aberration.


DPFilters by Pontonnier

Autor: Mikael Burman

Stereo 3D from LightWave to YouTube Tutorial

This video hows how to get the output of a stereoscopic render from LightWave onto YouTube. I quickly show how to set up a comp in After Effects as well as how to combine the two image sequences into a movie file using only LightWave.

Stereo 3D

Autor: dwburman

LightWave 3D to Print – setting up the camera Tutorial

This video shows how to use LW11’s Print Camera to set up your camera for a print resolution render. It also shows how to change the DPI/PPI to 300 in PhotoShop.

LightWave 3D to Print

Autor: dwburman

Automatically Switch Cameras with Camera Selector or Cameraselector Tutorial

I ran into a bit of trouble with the Camera Selector plugin that comes with LightWave, so I figured I would share what I learned.
Comment from  Matt Gorner from the LightWave dev team: “The LScript version (Camera Selector) works under Screamernet, while the .p version (CameraSelector) does not.
Ultimately one of these will go, no need for two versions.”

Switch Cameras

Autor: dwburman