Baking highpoly details in LightWave Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to bake highpoly objects in LightWave and get all the details as textures to use in a Unity shader. This process will bake the surface colour, specularity, self-illumination, normal map and heightmap (parallax map when combined).

Baking highpoly details

Autor:Petter Sundnes



Texturing game assets in Lightwave 3d Tutorial

Using copy/paste UV tools this video shows how you can quickly uv map and texture a game asset with a low resolution texture map.

Texturing game assets

Using PLG TOOLS: Download

Autor:Simon Smalley

LightWave 11 Unity Workflow

Tutorial series with Ben Vost explaining the LightWave 11 to Unity workflow.

LightWave 11 Unity Workflow Part 1

LightWave 11 Unity Workflow Part 2

LightWave 11 Unity Workflow Part 3

Autor: OfficialLightWave3D