Waveguide: Introduction to Dynamics Tutorial

Introduction to the basics of the Dynamics. Briefly covers how Lightwave implements Dynamic applications and how to apply the calculations to the 3D geometry.

Pt. 1 – Intro to Dynamics

Pt. 2 – Applying Dynamics to a Logo

Pt. 3 – Soft Body Dynamics

Pt. 4 – Point Sets And Weight Maps

Pt. 5 – Using ClothFX

Pt. 6 – Cloth Presets and Interaction

Pt. 7 – Applying Jiggle

Pt. 8 – Collision

Pt. 9 – Truck Collision

Pt. 10 – Link and Save

Pt. 11 – Wind

Pt. 12 – Grass Skirt

Autor: waveguideECS


Soft FX Effect apply to the skin Tutorial

Tutorial how to simulate real skin waves to your model usin Weight Maps & soft effect in Lightwave.

Soft FX Effect apply to the skin

Autor: LookingMercury3D

SoftFX for characters in Lightwave 3d Collision Tutorial

This goes into more details on the Deform tab where collision is set up.

SoftFX for characters in Lightwave 3d Collision

Autor: dodgyb2001

TUTORIAL:Muscle flexing and Joint compensation using corrective endomorph.

This demonstrates some very interesting things using Lightwave3D. First how to quickly create an mdd file and then use editfx to fix bad deformations. Next is shown how to create and endomorph in Layout from this technique. Next, Cycler is used to tie the new endomorph to the rotation of a bone to create a corrective morph that activates whenever the bone is rotated. An older video thats still relevant today.

Muscle flexing and Joint compensation using corrective endomorph.

Autor: SplineGod