LightWave 2015 Bullet Dynamics Content and Set Up

Two videos from Lino Grandi looking at some of the scenes available in the LightWave 2015 content pack and showing you how to use this enhanced feature.

Bullet Dynamics Content and Set Up

Autor:LightWave 3D Group


LightWave 11.6 and ChronoSculpt Tips- Glass Fracture and Dynamics Cache Editing Tutorial

Rob Powers offers Tips on using the fracture tool in LightWave 11.6 to create a broken glass plane. Then demonstrates how to apply bullet dynamics, create a LightWave MDD cache file and edit that in ChronoSculpt.

Glass Fracture and Dynamics Cache Editing

Autor: OfficialLightWave3D

LightWave 11.6 – Revealing Your Logo With Bullet Dynamics

Revealing your logo with Bullet Dynamics and Chronosculpt.

Revealing Your Logo With Bullet Dynamics

Autor: OfficialLightWave3D


LightWave 11.5 Cloth Dynamics: Revealing a Lamborghini

In this tutorial, Cody Burke explains how use Bullet Soft Bodies in order to pull cloth off of a Lamborghini.

Cloth Dynamics: Revealing a Lamborghini

Autor: OfficialLightWave3D

Lightwave 3D Tutorial – Bullet Dynamics

This tutorial goes over how to set up Bullet Dynamics and what some of the settings are.

Bullet Dynamics

Autor: ShadowWolfDesigns