Waveguide: Introduction to Dynamics Tutorial

Introduction to the basics of the Dynamics. Briefly covers how Lightwave implements Dynamic applications and how to apply the calculations to the 3D geometry.

Pt. 1 – Intro to Dynamics

Pt. 2 – Applying Dynamics to a Logo

Pt. 3 – Soft Body Dynamics

Pt. 4 – Point Sets And Weight Maps

Pt. 5 – Using ClothFX

Pt. 6 – Cloth Presets and Interaction

Pt. 7 – Applying Jiggle

Pt. 8 – Collision

Pt. 9 – Truck Collision

Pt. 10 – Link and Save

Pt. 11 – Wind

Pt. 12 – Grass Skirt

Autor: waveguideECS

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