Waveguide: Industrial Strength Tutorials

Layout is the movie set portion of Lightwave. A basic rundown of the minimum amount knowledge required to create animation is covered. Loading objects, key framing motion, and basic screen navigation is covered.

Pt. 1 – Intro to Layout

Modeler is the workshop portion of Lightwave. Basic navigation of the Modeler interface is covered. A brief explanation of how 3D models are created and manipulated. Points, polygons, and surface naming is explained along with an explanation of object layers.

Pt. 2 – Modeler and Models

This section covers how to load fonts and create a 3D text object. The text object is extruded, beveled, and has surface names applied to specific areas of the object.

Pt. 3 – Creating a Text Object

The previously created text object is brought into Layout and animated. The graph editor is introduced.

Pt. 4 – Flying in a Logo

The previously created flying logo scene is rendered. Lights are adjusted and texture attributes are introduced. This section also shows how to copy sample surfaces onto existing objects.

Pt. 5 Rendering Textures

This section covers the basic application of bones to animate and object. Bones are applied to a logo to make it walk.

Pt. 8 – Bones

A logo object gets Endomorphs applied to it. The Endomorphs are used to animate the logo in Layout with the Morph-Mixer.

Pt. 9 – Creating Endomorphs

How to use Lens Flares and their properties. Lens Flares are parented to multiple nulls. Additional information on how to use the Graph Editor and the Load From Scene option is covered.

Pt. 10 – Lens Flares

The Import EPS function is covered, as well as how to manipulate the converted file to create a usable true 3D object.

Pt. 11 – Importing EPS

This section covers a brief example showing a technique useful in the illustration of mechanical functions. This uses a stock scene supplied as Lightwave content and applies transparency and colored cell look edges.

Pt. 12 – Texturing Technique

Autor: waveguideECS

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