How To Control Reflection Tutorial

This Full HD video tutorial shows how to control reflection.
It should be useful for professionals as well as beginners in LightWave.
It’s sending ray (using ray-tracing Ray Cast node) in predicted reflection direction (using TrueArt’s Node Library Tools Reflection Direction node) to find out distance from spot to the closest geometry (if any).Ray-tracing functions are returning -1.0 if  there is no geometry, otherwise returning distance. You can calculate position that has been hit by using equation world position = ray origin + ray direction * distance. If you will connect distance to Gradient you can control in what range reflection will be visible. Objects outside range won’t be reflected.

This tutorial is using TrueArt’s Node Library from

How To Control Reflection 1

How To Control Reflection 2

Autor: TrueArtSoftware


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