LightWave 3D – Camera Matching Tutorial

Part 1: This tutorial looks at using LightWave 3D to match Lightwave’s Real Lens Camera to the perspective of the 2D background plate. The video uses LW11.5 but is not 11.5 specific.

Camera Matching part 01

Camera Match Part 02/01 is a little more advanced than the previous tutorial it looks at using an external application (SketchUp) to match the camera, the information is then bought into Lightwave and tested using a default cube. Note: part 02/02 of this tutorial will look at adding extra geometry inside SketchUp for use in Lightwave resulting in a final VPR render.

Camera Matching part 02/01

Camera Matching Part 02/02 looks at adding extra geometry inside SketchUp for use in Lightwave. The tutorial provides a basic introduction to creating geometry inside SketchUp and then progresses to look at a completed project. The geometry is then exported as a LWO into Lightwave for clean up.

Camera Matching part 02/02

Camera Matching Part 02/03 begins by looking at one method to clean up geometry imported from SketchUp, the objects are then separated into layers within Lightwave Modeler. Inside Layout, surfaces and lights are setup and a final render is created. Reviewing the first pass render ( included in the link below ) I look at some of the problems areas which need further work and tweaking. Then its over to you! 🙂 I’ve provided the scene files below… rip it apart, improve it, design new objects – whatever you like. The original hi-res background photograph is free to use, providing credit is given via a link back to this Channel.

Camera Matching part 02/03


Download files:

Script 1 – ‘Camera to LWS’

Script 2 – ‘ lwo export-005’

Autor: Ian Thompson


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