RH Nodal Fundamentals

This video gives a quick introduction to the RH Nodal tutorial series.

00 Intro

This video explains the basic concepts behind a nodal system as used in LightWave 3D.

 01 Nodal Concepts

This video from the RH Nodal tutorial series for LightWave3D details all the basic options and operations available for interacting with the node editor…

02 Interface Basics

This video explains the different data types and connections available within the nodal system and how to go about connecting them together.

03 Data Types

This video gives insight into some of the basic theory and approaches to working with nodes and how to think about their use in a more general sense in the hope of helping you approach their use in a way that begins to feel familiar.

04 Art Theory

This video attempts to introduce artists to the use of LightWave’s nodal system by example, and encourages them to try new approaches and ways of thinking which tap into the artistic skills they already possess.

05 Paint By Number

This video explains the basic ideas behind vectors, how they are used in computer graphics and how they become important when using nodes.

06 Vectors

This video details the idea of remapping, one of the fundamental concepts in using LightWave’s nodal system.

07 Remapping

This final video in the RH Nodal Foundations chapter explains the issues surrounding space, how spaces are seen in the node editor and, consequently, how they need to be managed and dealt with for predictable results in many situations.

08 Spaces


Further details about the tutorial series can be found at www.rebelhill.net

Autor: RebelHill


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